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About Phil’s BBQ Catering:  Catering orders are for groups of 10 people or more.  (Individualized meal orders are considered “take out” orders and are placed directly through our restaurants the day of the “take out” order.)  For group catering orders, we pack each food item “family style” in separate, sealed aluminum catering pans, and provide all plates, cutlery, napkins, serving utensils and wet naps at no additional charge.  Our catering pans can be easily arranged on your tables and lend themselves to a buffet line when your guests are ready to enjoy the food!

Q:  How do I place a catering order?  Simply determine how many guests you will be feeding. From the Catering Menu, select the meal or menu items you wish to serve and multiply the number of guests by the meal or menu item selected.  (For example, our most popular item for catering is the “Best of Both” baby back rib and chicken meal with a choice of 2 sides for $15.49.  Multiply the number of guests by $15.49 plus tax (and any applicable fees, delivery charges, or service charges depending on the level of catering service you desire—see below for options) for your total cost.  To place any catering order, or speak to an Event Coordinator, please call the Catering Department  619-814-0050, or you may also email a catering inquiry to, or visit our website at

Q:  What are my catering event options?  We cater for all occasions and for all groups ranging anywhere from 10 to 3,000 guests, and offer a variety of catering event options:

“Family Style” Catering Pick Up:  For groups of 10 or more guests, we pack each meat and side order “family style” in separate, sealed aluminum catering pans, and provide your plates, plastic cutlery, napkins, serving utensils and wet naps for your entire group at no additional charge.   Sealed aluminum catering pans are placed into sturdy insulated containers which keep your food fresh during transportation to your event location.  Catering orders are picked up in our restaurants at the catering counter on the day and time you desire.  Cost:  Food & Beverage total plus tax.

Delivery to Event Location:  There is a minimum food and beverage order of $200.00 for all deliveries, excluding tax and the delivery service charge.  We package each meat and side order “family style” in separate, sealed aluminum catering pans and transport the catering order in our customized delivery truck which keeps your order at the proper holding temperature until arrival at the event site.  Cost:  $200.00 food & beverage minimum plus tax and delivery service charge.  Gratuity is at your discretion.

Full-Service Staffed Event:  For groups ranging from 20 to 150 guests, our catering staff will travel to your event location and set up buffet tables and chaffing dishes to form buffet line(s) and serve your guests.  Two hours of service time is included together with time to set up and break down the event site.  Cost:  Food & Beverage total, tax, $375.00 set up service fee, and mandatory 20% service charge. Gratuity is at your discretion.

“Grill Master” BBQ On Site Event: For groups of 75 or more guests, we bring our BBQ grills to your event location where the Grill Master will cook your BBQ to perfection.  This catering option includes everything in our full-service staffed event with a 2-hour service time together with 2 hours for set up and break down of the event site.  As Grill Master BBQ On Site Events can be individualized and detailed, please call the Catering Department at 619-814-0050 to speak to an Event Coordinator for pricing and further options.

Phil’s Event Center Facility:  Phil’s Event Center facility can accommodate up to 150 guests and is a convenient location for any occasion including birthdays, retirement parties, corporate luncheons, wedding rehearsal dinners, family reunions, team celebrations and memorial receptions.  Audio Visual and WiFi capability is available.  Call the Catering Department at 619-814-0050 to speak to an Event Coordinator for pricing packages and space availability.

Patio Party Events:  Phil’s patio parties are the perfect location to host a variety of celebrations in your very own neighborhood Phil’s BBQ restaurant.  Patio party events last 90 minutes in length and are held in a section of the restaurant patio space.  A combined food and beverage minimum applies to patio parties held during peak times on Fridays through Sundays. Please call our Catering Department at 619-814-0050 to speak to an Event Coordinator for patio package options and space availability. View The Patio Party Menu Now

Weddings: ‘Til BBQ do us part !  Phil’s loves weddings, and the bride and groom’s guests will absolutely love our food.  We provide everything a traditional wedding catering company provides, only the price tag won’t give you indigestion after the honeymoon.  Tables, chairs, cake cutting and plating service, linen, china, silverware, glassware, full-service bartenders---we do it all---we even officiate!  Call our Catering Department at 619-814-0050 to speak to an Event Coordinator to obtain a proposal and further information. 


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